Spunky New Hair Cut

I was going to post something about Rob’s hair the other day, but I wanted to wait for some good articles. But, now that there’s tons of buzz over Rob’s new hair cut, MTV, People, and NineMSN have wonderful articles up. And guess what? They all want to know what you think about his hair cut!

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson is known for a lot of things, but first and foremost has to be his wildly styled hairdo that’s gotten Twilighters everywhere atwitter at the sight of him. So does hair make the man? That question will finally be answered, as Pattinson has decided to ditch his trademark locks in favor of a much shorter cut.

Let MTV know what you think HERE. And you can also check out their photos of his new do. Is he still the man who stole your heart? Two words: HECK. YES!  People have another poll for you to vote. So far, survey says we love it. Of course!

Vote on whether or not the do works for you HERE. nineMSN also wants to know what you think of Robert Pattinson’s new haircut with anther poll. Go over and vote!

 While it’s definitely a bit spunky, we can’t help but think there’ll be a few million girls weeping into their Twilight pillowcases over this one. Robert recently confessed to ITN Showbiz that he was confused by the incessant screaming of his adoring fans. ‘If you’ve got loads of people screaming at you, it’s like, what do you want me to do?’ he said. ‘But people just want to scream. You’re like a vessel for screamings, screaming sessions.’ What we want to know is – when will his hair clippings hit eBay? Imagine the bidding frenzy!

Vote for whether you think Rob’s haircut looks good or not on their site here.

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Sorry, just having a Twilight lover/girl moment. ‘S okay, I’m better. Still. He looked hotter before the new cut. Oh, well, it’ll grow back…

Comment by starheart

ohh my God! he cut his hOt meSsy hair! i can’t belive

Comment by bella

beautiful! i love it

Comment by Samantha

No offence but I think he made the biggest mistake I am loosing love ahaha
kidding abotu the love
I want his hair the way it was in the first movie

Comment by Hannah

whoa! what was he thinking! (nothing apparently)

Comment by Anonymous

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