Sam Bradley Interview

Portrait Magazine recently interviewed Sam Bradley, the co-writer of Never Think. The interview talks about upcoming plans for Sam’s music career, his thoughts about Twilight (the film), and he even talks a bit about how Rob approaches to music. 

That’s a great part of the film. I really liked the movie – it was quite the experience, seeing in a theatre full of pre-teen girls, screaming.
I didn’t get any screaming girls. I wanted to. When I went with my mom, I sat at the back, like – [He beams.]. Just ’cause I was with my mom, all happy and proud.

So what has the release of the soundtrack done for you as a musician?
What it’s done for me is – I’m now a published writer on a huge selling soundtrack. Hugeselling soundtrack – went to number one. I have that fact, and it’s pretty powerful, as far as publishing goes. I’m going to be able to make my own album in terms of funding my own album, which is something I never could do before. And I get to talk to people like you! I never did that before, I get to have interviews. Oh yeah, and I have a manager now, which is really cool. He’s a good guy, and he’s looking out for me. I’m not the most business oriented individual, but now I have a business.

To read the full article, click here! Thanks Jocelyn for the tip!

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