New Moon Inspired Song

Cloe, an awesome singer/songwriter/Twilighter recently emailed me a link to her amazing song which was inspired by New Moon. It’s called “Rest in Peace” and it is really great! Take a listen:


What happened to the world I live in
I guess it’s too much to understand
What have I done to deserve so much misery
Don’t ask me if I’ve lost it
Cause you know I’m not insane
Just a bit lost I swear

You ripped my heart out
How could you
Have killed some girl without a clue
Ripped my heart out
I guess it’s nothing new
Cause I can’t stand the pain
I wish I could rest in peace
With you tonight

I guess I’m left screaming in silence
Just hoping you could hear
My never-ending never-ending prayer
Held deep inside, inside you now?
Oh where’s this heart of mine?

Did you truly believe 
That I could forget you, forget you
I wonder, I wonder if you can feel it too
Feel my pain

Free me, free me from this pain

Wow, right? Spread the word of this amazing song. She really hopes it could reach Stephenie herself! :] Check her youtube out HERE!


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you are just amazing did u ever take singing classes
your my idol i seriiz wanna have a voice like that
you GO CLOE!!!

Comment by zayna

o-m-g!! that girl can sing! WHOO!! Stephanie should really think about puttin that song in the movie!

Comment by Drkshadow17 (way to lazy to log in)

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