Fit for a Vampire: The Cullen House

The Design Tavern has up an awesome article about the beautiful location filmed as the Cullens’ house in the Twilight movie. We get a better look into some of the rooms in the house that were used in the movie, such as the kitchen, as well as rooms that weren’t seen in the movie. And they are all equally awesome. Hopefully we will be able to see it in one of the movies to come…

The contemporary boxy home is well positioned on the site, the architects have taken advantage of the natural sloping landscape and have strategically placed the home so it looks out over the greenery.

It’s the use of timber that really does if for me, the striking middle floor of three level home creates a nice contrast with the industrial grey of the other stories, and again, relates back to it’s site, fitting in nicely with its green forest setting

Check out the article and pictures HERE.

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wow, you post about Twilight a lot! I have a site but its not totally twilight-related but i enjoy posting about twilight! I love your blog!

Comment by Drkshadow17 (way to lazy to log in)

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