Solomon Trimble Interview

Inspire Magazine has an amazing interview with Solomon Trimble, aka Sam Uley, up on their site:

Tell us, how did you react when you received the role of, Sam? Was it surprising? I assume it’s also your first role, correct?

Well it was in three stages. First, I didn’t believe it because at the casting call every other guy that came out of the reading room said: “They said I’m not good for Jacob, but I’ll be considered for Sam”, I guess it was a way to let people down softly, which is what I was also told. I thought it was too good to be true when I got the call. Next, I got another call saying I needed representation, and I kept hearing, “It sounds pretty solid” from everyone at Lana Veenker Casting (where I auditioned) so I didn’t know what to think. Lastly, I fought for roles for so many years and gave up to focus on college, but once I had the script I just sat on my bed staring at the cover thinking how quickly a good audition can change everything. I want to say it wasn’t surprising, but there were a few days I didn’t speak to anyone because I was so excited and afraid if I brought the subject up I might squeal with glee like a Twilight fan.

Read it all here!


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