Kristen’s Page on People.com

Well, she doesn’t have it yet. But she can! Twilighters voted to get Rob his own page on People.com, now we can all vote to help get Kristen hers! You vote on the sidebar to the right of the page. And vote away! Because Kristen definitely deserves her own page!

To vote, click HERE .

And while we are on the topic of personal Twilight pages, Amazon has given Twilight a whole page dedicated to it! You can pre-order the DVD and the page is chock full of movie images, video interviews of the cast, and a whole lot more. It even has a little bit of info on the cast!

The wait is over: You can pre-order Twilight on DVD at 30% off. Be the first to order your copy today, and visit our Twilight Store to watch an interview with Robert Pattinson, buy movie merchandise, and more.

And you can check out that page HERE. Nokia is also sponsoring Twilight now and have a page dedicated to the movie. You can get cool Twilight content for your cell, take a tour of all the key places in Forks, and create your own Twilight tribute using images, quotes, and music from the movie.

Check out the Nokia page HERE.


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