Taylor Pictures

I have uploaded some still from Taylor’s interview with Access Hollywood. Apparently, a lot of people weren’t able to see it, which is weird, so I have uploaded some beautiful pictures of him. Enjoy, and please don’t steal without commenting first. [Click to see full size!]

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Okay, that is just not fair. As is I’m having in apprpriate thoughts on a 16 year old, well he’ll be 17 this year. A 4 age difference isn’t that bad, right? Right…

Comment by Ana

So, I’m totally the opposite from Ana, i’m older than Taylor, but, that isn’t bad though, is it?
I mean, look at him, he’s pretty much taller than me..

Don’t care about the age, at least if i’m with him
lol XD

Comment by myself

I’m in complete agreement with you guys. How the heck is this boy only 16?? (Just over one year to go ladies)
This picture and the abs picture had my cheeks flushing the color of a tomato. It’s like 16 degrees outside and I’m sweating!

Comment by Mel

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