Top 10 Jacob/Rosalie Moments in BD

For those of you who still haven’t read, or finished, Breaking Dawn: SPOILER ALERT. Lol. Well, Blast Magazine has a hilarious article on the top 10 Jacob/Rosalie moments in Breaking Dawn. Their little back and forth, snippy comments at each other are my favorite parts of the book!  They had the funniest and best lines in all of BD!

Jacob Black is perhaps the funniest of all of the Twilight characters, and his and Rosalie’s verbal sparring in “Breaking Dawn” is a perfect example of that. In honor of its humor, Blast has picked out our top 10 favorite Jacob and Rosalie moments from “Breaking Dawn”. These scenes are only taken from book two as it was from Jacob’s perspective and far more cynical because of that. Feel free to post your own favorite Jacob/ Rosalie moments, but remember, this article is our opinion only.

10 – “Breaking Dawn” page 278

I groaned and opened my eyes. The skies were dull gray — it was daytime, but no clue as to when. Maybe close to sunset — it was pretty dark.

“About time,” Blondie mumbled from not too far away. “The chainsaw impersonation was getting a little tired.”

Haha. Read the rest of the countdown here.


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I was in the middle of the book fo Breaking Dawn when I told my sister Lily that my favorite character or someone I could fall in-love with if I am still a teenager was Jacob Black. And then she told me that Book Two is Jacob Black’s voice. I couldn’t wait to finish the first part. I was even surprised when I found out it was 3 in the morning and I couldn’t put the book down!
The next morning, after reading the first 2 pages of the Breaking Dawn, mom reminded me that I am late for my bus trip to Cebu. I even bribed Lily that if I can read the book I’ll buy her the DVD as a highschool graduation gift this coming March 2009.
It was non-negotiable of course. I can’t bring the book but I should buy her the DVD. Darn!

Comment by Shaley

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Comment by Marianna

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