Leah Will NOT Be In New Moon

Goodness gracious. It’s like a skipping CD, I swear. We have all just about heard enough of this Vanessa Hudgens ordeal and, trust me, I am getting just as tire of it as you are. Maybe a little more. Lol. So, did she or did she not audition?! Well, yesterday her management ,when asked by Just Jared, said no. They also linked to a casting call showing the part is not currently being sought.Well, I figured JustJared was right. After all, they usually are. Plus, it was an interview with her rep, which should be pretty darn reliable. 

But, lo and behold, today we get a different answer. Access Hollywood said yes, she did audition, and they stood by their source 100% when questioned. 

No audition. Then a yes? So…who do we believe?!

Well, we can finally all rest easy because the mighty Twilight Lexicon have finally put an end to all of the back-and-forth articles and interviews surrounding the role of Leah. Vanessa Hudgens could have in no way auditioned for New Moon, seeing as the character of Leah isn’t even written into the script. This was confirmed while speaking to Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter.

So we asked Melissa if Leah Clearwater appeared in her script, because in the novel Leah is barely a blip on the radar. She’s in the spaghetti dinner scene talking on the phone. It seemed to us that they probably wouldn’t be introducing Leah this movie given that fact. 

So…drumroll please…according to Melissa Rosenberg, “If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em.”

Thank you Lexicon for confirming, for good, that there will be no Vanessa Hudgens, or Leah, in New Moon. Check out their post HERE. Also, thanks Melissa for finally putting all of these worrisome rumors to sleep! We GREATLY appreciate it. Really. We do. :]


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Im so glad VH isnt going to be in twilight, there’s just NO WAY you can mix the twilight world with the HSM world, it just WOULD NOT WORK!!

and i’d REFUSE to see it with her in. But i love everyone else so i probably would see it but everytime i saw her i’d cringe . Urgh,

Comment by Megan :)

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