Summit Executive: Q&A

The Hollywood Reporter has put up an excellent Q&A with Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, the CEO and president of Summit Entertainment. They talk about Catherine’s departure, Edward’s presence in the film, and a whole lot more.

The Hollywood Reporter: How has “Twilight” changed the company?

Rob Friedman: Well, people are smiling a lot more than they were before. 
Patrick Wachsberger: There definitely is a change. First, it’s fantastic for all our troops. Second, it’s fantastic financially. Third, I honestly believe that we made no mistakes; I don’t believe that any studio could’ve done a better job. But I do not feel there has been any envy or jealousy — everybody has been looking at it as a piece of good news in a really dark time. Yes, there’s hope. There’s hope in the banking community, there’s hope for independent producers and other studios that it can happen to them on a low-budget movie with no stars. Things have also changed from the point of the view of the agencies as well. It’s like, “Wow, look at this little movie coming out of nowhere, handled by this new studio. They really proved that they can basically do (major studios) good or better.”

Read more of the interview HERE.


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