Why the Movie is Better than the Book

The Insider has a fun list of reasons why ‘Twilight’ the movie MAY BE better than the book. The list is made all in good fun and is not meant to bash the book in any way. Some of the reasons are listed below.

28 Reasons Why Twilight The Movie MAY BE Better Than The Book

12. When Edward explains to Bella that he can read thoughts, he points around the restaurant and tells her what everyone’s thinking about: “Money … sex … sex … money … cat.”
13. In a touching ode to primitive research technology, Bella actually reads a little bit about vampires in a book! Before going straight to Google.
14. Unlike in Twilight the book, in which Edward’s afraid to even describe a hunt, we actually get to see Edward chase down a deer in the movie.
15. When Bella visits Edward’s family, they charmingly attempt to cook her a meal. “We finally get to use the kitchen!” Dr. Cullen says.
16. The wall of the Cullens’ house features a cute mural made up of dozens of the vampires’ high-school graduation caps.

Read the rest of the list HERE. Haha, but my favorite one in the whole world had to be: 5. Who knew Charlie’s mustache was so awesome?
Well, what do you think? Which was better: the Book or the Movie?


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