Rob is Still a Six Year Old… At Heart

The Improper has an interview with Rob in which he confesses that he just wants to have fun and that he’s still a six-year-old boy on the inside. Awe, he sure is! xD

Fans of Twilight star Robert Pattinson often mistake him for Edward Cullen, the alluring vampire he plays in the blockbuster film. But Rob, 22, insists he’s nothing like the brooding Edward. 

“I’m not stiff as Edward. I want to have fun,” says Pattinson. “He’s this 108-year-old adult [trapped inside a 17-year-old body], but I’m still a 6-year-old boy [at heart],” he laughs.

Read the full interview/article HERE.Also, Rob won Hello’s poll for break out role. For those of you who voted, good job, another win for Rob! 

“You found it much easier to choose the best candidate for unrivalled breakout role. A whopping two thirds decided handsome Brit Robert Pattinson deserved to win for his performance in Twilight. He left the likes of Mamma Mia!’s Amanda Seyfried and Ben Barnes, who starred in the second Narnia film, trailing far behind.”

Read the rest of the article HERE.


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Rob you are so hot !! i am so sorry when you are in LA that people yell at you !! i would not yell at you because i am in love with you i would treat you with respect !!! because i am in love with you !!!!!! i dont care if they say you smoke or kristion !!! i love you so much email me my name is Gabrielle email me at (gabbiegirl97@yahoo.com) love ya hey my friend sarah said hi oh she said to say hi too Talyor not you i hate her so much she likes werewolfs not vampires bye bye love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by alice cullen ( gabrielle)

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