Edi’s New Moon Love Interest

MTV Canada recently interviewed Edi Gathegi. They talk about Laurent’s New Moon love interest and they discuss Taylor Lautner – his gym buddy!

 Of the soon-to-be-cast role, Gathegi said Irina should be “extremely vulnerable, as I think that’s what leads her to make the choices that she makes. She should also be hard-headed. Vulnerable and hard-headed. But I think those are things that a good actress can do, so type-wise, I don’t even know. I don’t even think people saw me as Laurent for a while. So just let the best actress win, I say.”
Speaking about his castmates, with whom he’ll soon be reuniting, Gathegi said, “It’s a ‘Twilight’ family. We were together for press junkets and tours, and this has been eight months together, ever since we shot in March. We’ve just been with each other constantly. And then we’re going to go into the next one, and then they’re going to do [parts] three and four, God willing. These are, like, lifelong friends at this point.”
Just moments before the interview, Gathegi’s phone went off. When the actor started laughing and showed us the caller ID, we saw that it was the one-and-only Taylor Lautner on the other end. “Taylor and I are going to his parents’ place for dinner tonight — and then go to the gym,” he said, adding that the duo were getting together to celebrate Lautner’s recent re-signing as Jacob Black. “We’re going to celebrate tonight. … You should see this kid! He’s jacked. He’s taking it seriously.
As for the moment, Gathegi said only half-jokingly, he’s just trying to get a script to read. “I’m going to fire someone, because Robert [Pattinson] read it. He’s like a supporting role in the freakin’ film!” the actor smiled, threatening to call Mr. Pattinson on his cell phone. “Nah, he’s in London now. I don’t want to make any long-distance calls. I’m cheap.”

ROB HAS READ THE SCRIPT! Ooh, I wonder what he thinks… And I really like Edi. Him and Taylor seem to be really great friends; it’s sweet. It’s nice to know the cast is such a tight knit group – like a family. As for Irina, any ideas of who you think should play her? They mentioned Sophia Myles (she was in Moonlight and Tristin + Isold). What do you think? 

Read complete article here

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