Pick Your Alec

People.com has up a new poll about who would be a good choice for the role of Alec in New Moon. These are just opinions and none of them are confirmed or (as far as I know) even rumored. They’ve got four choices: Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, HSM‘s Lucas Grabeel, Willy Wonka‘s Freddie Highmore, and Hannibal Rising‘s Gaspard Ulliel. Who would you pick?

Cast your vote HERE.


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I believe that they should pick Lucas Grabeel because he is perfect. Well Tom Felton would cheating on Harry Potter if he did the role cuz the movies are fighting on which movie would make more in the box offic. Freddie Highmore is just way too young to plays as Alec so lets not even go there. Last but not least Gaspard Ulliel is hot and I wouldnt mind looking at him buts lets face the facts you already know that he is a little too old to play as Alec. So it only makes senes on why i choose Lucas Grabeel cuz he is the perfect age and he is hot too. I can already see it now him as Jane’s brother with his pale white cold skin, I mean just look at his eyes they say Alec all over them.

Comment by Jessie Shaneyfelt

I totally agree with Jessie Shaneyfelt i also read that Lucas was being considered as Alec and I think he is perfect. Those other guys definitly don’t cut it and would totally ruin alec’s part.Lucas is cute blond and just the right age i think he would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jordyn

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