Rob Does NOT Have a Facebook

So this post is actually pretty serious. It’s about INTERNET FRAUDS. Recently, there have been buckets and buckets of new Robert Pattinson facebook page. But, don’t get too excited. Because NONE of them are real. In fact, Rob doesn’t even have a facebook!! If you thought you could get in touch with Rob (or have been fooled by a Rob facebook page), then you have to read the article on EOnline.com.

Robert Pattinson
A Facebook page owned by a “Rob T Pattz” who hits on every chick who passes through, and that supposedly represents one of the most hotly desired actors on earth? And you thought it might be fake? Gee, what gave it away? As you’ve already deduced, I can guarantee, 200 percent, that the page is fake. In fact, I can guarantee that every single Rob Pattinson profile is also a fake.How? Well……because I called Pattinson’s manager today, and the person who picked up the phone told me that the actor—who, to be fair, possesses many other impressive communication tools, including hair that can pick up radio waves from Neptune—is not on Facebook. At all. 

Keep this in mind when you think you are talking to the cast. You HAVE to be careful while online. The people you talk to could just be an internet troll [someone with a lot of free time]. But, they could be someone dangerous. So, don’t trust anything you don’t know is fact. Not all posers are harmless, so please don’t try to contact celebrities through facebook or myspace! Be careful everyone! You wanna be around to see New Moon! :] Source.


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