To contact me, send me an email or an instant message. Also visit the Spidurmunkey myspace (*recently updated*). If you wanna see some cool videos, go to my youtube. (I don’t have any up yet, but you can check out my subscriptions.) CHECK OUT FANFICTION, TOO! They have tons of cool stories about Twilight and they might be able to sustain your Twilight need until Breaking Dawn comes out.

Hey guys! So Spidurmunkey just recently got a mailbox! If you have any letters or anything for the staff or that you want me to forward on to any cast members, just send em my way. Also!! Spidurmunkey will be making a fan-letter-binder about Taylor Lautner. As some of you may know Taylor may not be in New Moon. I think this is a little bit ridiculous. So, send in your letters telling Summit that you want to see him in New Moon. (A new post about this will be up later with more details and such.) **Title all letters (on the envelope) to Spidurmunkey. (Or Erica of Spidurmunkey)

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