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Hey! Thanks for checking out our Spidurmunkey website. This is a Twilight fan-site. Leave a comment, shout out, or exciting Twilight Story. Also! Would you mind telling me how you found this site? Thanks everyone!

“Better hold on tight, spidermonkey.”

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Love it!

Comment by Viiolet

hey i have a funny twilight story, actually. well… its really about BD. I was reading the first chapter (in the eclipse special edition) at a borders and i kept gasping and squeaking like a fan girl. the borders worker people kept looking over at me and rolling their eyes. haha. they said that if i couldnt stay quite (or stop squealing) i would have to leave. haha.
btw i love the website. really good graphics. also thanks for actually UPDATING. a lot of other sites dont do that… like at all. so thanks. :]

Comment by twilightobsessed

i really like the site.
finally, a good reliable twilight website that isnt all “TEAM EDWARD OR JACOB? CHOSE OR DIE!” you actually have good updates with real news. and hey, i entered the poster contest at the twilight website. hope i win! (if you win, thats cool too. but i want it. 🙂 )

Comment by bettingONalice

i really like your site. its very entertaining and i like the movies/vids you put up. they were really funny.
ps: cant wait till Breaking Dawn and the new Twilight Movie.
theyr gonna rock!!!!!

Comment by irritatedgrizzly

cool site. love the videos and the news. seems to be very current and accurate. rock on!

Comment by crashoverload

i loove your ica! you should think about giving email updates, for when you add new stuff or something. if you want to, i’ll help you out if you want.(: like i can make you a form for them to put they’re email in so it can email you and stuff.

Comment by liveituplyts

OMG ICA! I love this site 😀 you’ve done an awesome job!!! I hope you pick me to be the myspace mod!
ily <333

Comment by Betsy B

this site is amazing!! youre sooo great at this! HES MY AAAGGGEEE!!! haha man hes attractive!

Comment by Alli

You really do a great job for every twilight fan…I love the books and because í m from germany the last one i have to read in english cause i couldn´t wait´till february. The Movie will start in January…long time to wait..But i love to read the news on spidurmunkey…and the interviews and all…thank you very much!!

Comment by Bine

Wish you all merry christmas! have you seen your present from your fans….This amazing site you made is now on top 3!! by TwilightMania.com

Comment by Bine

Happy new Year for everyone! Thank you all for the “German” Trailer 😉
And congratulaions for the Top by TwilightMania!

Comment by Bine and Kathrin

Well I came upon this site….well crap….i dont even remember. But, it’s amazing…always up to date and fun! great job guys…twilighters around the globe applaud you!

Comment by ana

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