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Sorry guys.

There are currently no open positions.

thats what she said. lol.


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Hello my name is Hannah my screen name is HisGoldenEyes<3
and I would like to be a forum mod.
I have been a mod many times before on many sites And I do have the expierence email me back with the deets metraycool@hotmail.com

Comment by edwardxbella

yo its alli kooowwnn let me know if theyre any positions i can fill(and yes that is what she said)!

Comment by Alli

Hello, my name is Ivy and I would like to apply for any staff you need, I run like 4 websites so I can do just about anything you ask. I also have a youtube vlog called Twilight Hour http://www.youtube.com/user/clarizio
And I would be happy to do pod casts in the site name and really get it out there.

Comment by Ivy

Hello, My name is Tiffany, My Screen Name is Cherri99 and I would LOVE to apply! I am a TOTAL Twilight Fan and I know everything about Twilight. I own 2 Twilight Websites both just opened so not yet many people have visited. I would like to check on pages for you and accept and deny comments. Thank You.

Comment by cherri99

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