Site Staff


Erica (site creator)

Birthday: August 28th
Username: Spidurmunkey
Position: Administrator/Creator
Favorite Twilight Book: Twilight (and Midnight Sun thus far)
Favorite Music Artist: Muse, Motion City Soundtrack, Pink Floyd
Favorite Series: Harry Potter (cuz ima dork)
Favorite Movie: HAMLET 2!
Favorite Twilight Quote: “Oh, a sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to her death, sure, no problem, she runs off to meet him. And IV on the other hand…” (Edward; Twilight)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Emmett! >.<
Random Facts about Myself: I love to act and dance! I am a huge dork though. I would love to pursue acting but I also plan on becoming a journalist one day. Writing for Rolling Stone Magazine would be my dream job! Also, my nickname is Ica (pronounced ee-ka) I love to play the piano and I can do a backflip. No joke!
Creating the Site: I started Spidurmunkey because I am in love with the story of Twilight… probably to an unhealthy point. I loved hearing about the cast and any news about the books – or movies – but it was impossible to get all the news and have it be reliable. I had to go to like 20 different sites to confirm one thing, and it got old. So, I made my own! I am EXTREMELY shocked about how successful Spidurmunkey has become… We’ve gotten over 170,000 views! WOW! Thank you guys for all of your amazing support and love. I would never survive w/out you!

Abi (video editor)

 Birthday: November 24th
Where you @: Portland/California, United States
Username: MitsukakeCat
Position: Video Editor
AIM: mitsuakakecat
Favorite Twilight Book: New Moon
Favorite Music Artist: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
Favorite Series: Manga
Favorite Movie: Pans Labyrinth
Favorite Twilight Quote: All the ones between Rosalie and Jacob in BD.
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Emmett
Random Facts about Myself: I’m lactose intolerant!

Amy (web genius)

Birthday: November 25th
Username: LiveItUpLyts
Position: Web genius
Favorite Twilight Book: Twilight or New Moon
Favorite Music Artist: Boys Like Girls
Favorite Series: Clique
Favorite Movie: Batman: The Dark Knight or Transformers
Favorite Twilight Quote: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” (Edward; Twilight)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Alice and Emmett
Random Facts about Myself: I own a site that has awesome myspace designs called Live It Up Layouts. I LOVE THE DALLAS COWBOYS and love Texas! Oh, and candy too! ;] 

Jesika (webcaster)

Birthday: August 27th
Where you @: Oregon, United States
Username: FaireyEyez
Position: Webcaster
AIM: FaeEyez4Eva
Favorite Twilight Book: Twilight
Favorite Music Artist: Hyde, Tokio Hotel
Favorite Series: Harry Potter, Sword of Truth
Favorite Movie: Moon Child
Favorite Twilight Quote: “You can google it.” (Edward, Twilight)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Alice
Random Facts about Myself: 
I’m a fairy.

Dawn (facebook manager)

Birthday: October 27th
Where you @: Newfoundland, Canada
Username: QuiteNightAlone
Position: Facebook Group Manager
Favorite Twilight Book: Twilight  or New Moon
Favorite Music Artist: Paramore, Secondhand Serenade, Linkin Park
Favorite Series: Harry Potter, House of Night
Favorite Movie: Speak, Twilight, HP, My Best Friend’s Wedding
Favorite Twilight Quote: ” Take care of my heart, I’ve left it with you.” or “I should have left long ago. I should leave now. But I don’t know if I can.” (Edward; Twilight)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Alice or Emmett
Random Facts about Myself:  I write ALOT! in my freetime, I am on fanfiction, www.fanfiction.net/~colorinablackwhiteworld , and fictionpress, www.fictionpress.com/~theworldfullofgossip , I read to much for my own good, and I play the piano, guitar, bass, & trumpet.

Betsy (myspace manager)

 Birthday: April 1st
Where you @: Maryland, United States
Username: xXmcrfan672Xx
Position: Myspace Manager
AIM: fanpire247
Favorite Twilight Book: Breaking Dawn
Favorite Music Artist: Paramore or My Chemical Romance
Favorite Series: Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite Twilight Quote: “Did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil or what?” (Mike Newton, Twilight)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Emmett or Carlisle
Random Facts about Myself: I used to live in Germany, so in elementary school, while you all were making sculptures out of play-doh, I was skiing in the Alps, and visiting countries all over Europe. Thankfully, I didn’t meet any Volturi in Italy.

Alli (podcaster)

Birthday: May 18th
Username: ShakeNBake
Position: Podcaster
Favorite Twilight Book: Eclipse
Favorite Music Artist: Playlet
Favorite Series: Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: Batman: The Dark Knight
Favorite Twilight Quote: “Does my being half naked bother you?” (Jacob; Eclipse)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Jasper
Random Facts about Myself: I believe in a thing called love just listen to the rhythm of my heart!

Ivy (live journal moderator)

 Birthday: September 28th
Where you @: SC, United States
Position: Livejournal Moderator
Yahoo: None
Favorite Twilight Book: Eclipse
Favorite Music Artist: Anything from Tokyo Hotel, To Van Halen to Beethoven
Favorite Series: So far, Twilight n__n
Favorite Movie: Final Fantasy Advent Children >_>
Favorite Twilight Quote: “No Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face!” (Bella, Eclipse)
Favorite Vamp (Besides Edward): Emmett! [My monkey man XD]
Random Facts about Myself: Im a 19 year old actress originally from NY. Im hoping to get my big break getting a role on NM, possibly as one of the Denali clan or Volturi


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love twilight? admit it, your obsessed. haha.(: the sites amazing!(:

Comment by liveituplyts

Love the site! Do you guys have a Xanga or Livejournal?

Comment by Janis

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