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Hey everyone! In light of recent rumors about Summit replacing Taylor for “New Moon Jacob”, Spidurmunkey is starting a small project. We are asking you all to write letters telling Summit (*politely*) what you think about Taylor. Why you like him, why he is a great Jacob, reasons they should keep him, etc. Send in pictures of yourself in your team Jacob/Taylor shirts or other memorabilia. Be very creative and super original! We, the awesome staff of Spidurmunkey, will be turning all of the letters into a scrapbook and sending it out to Summit. If they see the overwhelming amount of fan letters saying a bunch of really nice things about Jacob, maybe they will see that switching him for someone else is a big mistake. After all, Jacob is 16! He will be huge in no time!! 

Please send in your letters as soon as possible! We want to get this out by the end of January, hopefully. And, if the decision has been made by then, we will send it to Taylor so he sees how much us Twilighters appreciate him!

Send all letters and such to:

P.O. Box 6729
Ellicott City, MD


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We can’t believe that Taylor might not be cast in New Moon. I hate movies & TV shows that change actors in roles. Come on, this isn’t As The World Turns!
He’s an excellent actor! If he’s not cast in New Moon I, along with alot of Twilight fans, won’t been seeing New Moon. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.
Whoever is in charge of casting or not casting him should really consider this when making their decision.
If you don’t believe me, just type in Taylor Lautner under your search engine. See how many fan sites come up for him!

Comment by Deb

micheal dosnt deserve the role, i mean after Tay got the role he researched all about the quieliutes (sry if that aint spelt r8) he even went 2 tlk 2 a few of them, he is/was very comitited 2 his role, and he is soo much like jacob, if they replace him, summit will be making a huge mistake and twilight series will lose alot of fans, i wont bother seeing the film unless Taylors in it, i saw twilight 2 days ago, and my god taylor was exactly what i imagened Jake 2 look like…

Comment by Thomas Harrison

Seriously Summit, why would you put that choice out there for all the Twilight fans? You now how disappointed we are in hearing that Taylor Lautner will be replaced in New Moon? Nobody would watch it if he gets replaced. & if Summit is still considering a ‘grown’ Jacob.. please choose somebody worthy for the role, (hint hint, NOT Copon or Barnes) Don’t make us disappointed, it would be your loss of choosing the wrong cast and us not wanting to watch the movie at theaters.

Comment by Eileen


Comment by Dean

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