New VMan Pictures

We’ve stumbled upon an excellent email during the daily dose of Twilight and found these amazing photos from the VMan Photoshoot. Tell us what you think!



Popstar’s Celebrity Love Awards

Recently, Popstar had a pretty awesome contest where celebrity winners are determined by how many people have written to them and how many letters they’ve recieved. This way, the celeb’s popularity is determined fairly. Guess who came is second place? The one and only, Spunk Ransom, of course! And this was out of 100! Some other Twilight cast members made it into the Top 15 as well, which is awesome! Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Cam Gigandet, and Kellan Lutz joined the top ‘most loved celebs’. Even our very own Stephenie Meyer made the cut! Great job guys! Check out the other results of this contest HERE.

Vanity Fair Twilight Photoshoot

vanityfairtwilightcastVanity Fair has up some great pictures from their Twilight photoshoot! They also have some one-on-one interviews with the cast! Isn’t the picture above amazing? You can really see how close the cast is! Exactly like one big family. Absolutely adorable.


To read the great Q&A’s, click below:

Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Peter Facinelli
Edi Gathegi
Cam Gigandet
Ashley Greene
Taylor Lautner
Rachelle Lefevre
Kellan Lutz
Jackson Rathbone
Elizabeth Reaser
Nikki Reed

Twilight Posters In Italy

Check out these awesome Twilight Posters that were recently released in Italy. They are exactly like the trading cards, only like 50x as big! How cool would it be to have Edward hanging above your bed? *Drool*

Twilight at the VMAs

Twilight fans around the world are baring their fangs. Millions of Twilighters tuned in to MTV’s VMAs just to see the cast of Twilight introduce Paramore. And what are most of them saying? HUGE LET DOWN! Well, actually, I found it quite funny. Probably because I was expecting disaster. (Spunk is not the most coordinated of them all, and did you see those stairs???) 

In case you missed it, here is what happened:

“OHHH EMMM GEEE DID HE JUST CUT OF EDWARD FRIKKIN CULLEN???!?!?!?!” Haha, yeah he did. Also, yes. These books are bloody popular, indeed. (Hahah, talk about irony. BLOODY popular. Great!) And as Bailey (NoMoreMarbles) pointed out, he was probably nervous about that one line and worrying about it all day. Poor Spunk. And what’s up with Jacob being all around Bella while Edward is in the background? Hm. Well, let’s not get all peeved about the little stuff and just laugh it off. It was pretty funny! But, our dear host now has a pack of rabid Twilighters after him. “No one cuts off our Edward!!!” (haha) But, of course, Bailey said it best:

To see more of the pictures above, CLICK HERE! (Thanks EdwardandBella.net for the awesome photos!)

Premiere Twilight Interviews

Premiere.com has put up some exclusive interviews with the cast of Twilight and the Creators themselves. They have an exclusive interview with Kristen(Bella), Hardwicke(Director) and Stephenie(Author), and our favorite badass Cam(James). The interview’s are pretty cool. You should Definatly check them out. Click on the link below to view the interviews. 

Kristen Stewart

What appeals to you about Bella?
Bella is a very honest… I mean, I could relate to her because she’s just a very straight-up, good-natured girl who found herself in an insane position…

Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer

How close of an adaptation is it?
SM: I have not seen the whole thing yet, but from the script and from the days on set, they are really working hard. I mean, the goal was to make it as close to the book as possible, given the time constraints of the film.

Cam Gigandet

What makes it still a vampire, physically, since these are not conventional vampires?
I was going to say that they are all stunning-looking, but that is mostly with regards to the Cullen family, the good family of vampires. They are all stunning… They walk into a room and everyone stops and stares, but, aside from that, the trackers — the bad ones — they look like bums.