Jackson and the Music Industry

Jackson Rathbone, our pained Jasper, is expected to take the Music Industry by storm. Jackson is now part of MTV’s Pop Male Rookies of 2009 list. All on this list are guys expected to make a big splash in ’09 with their music. And with Jackson’s awesome band, 100 Monkeys, he’s sure to have an impact this year.

Jackson Rathbone:
He has ‘New Moon’ all lined up for later this year, so he can milk this ‘Twilight’ franchise for all it’s worth. But Jackson’s got a lot more going for him than just vampires: He also has a band, 100 Monkeys, that’s planning to release two albums this year. And maybe if things work out, he can get his co-star Robert Pattinson in on the act. ‘We’ve jammed with Rob quite a bit at the house,’ he told MTV News. ‘We have some recordings that we’re never going to release, but yeah, he plays. Maybe he’ll make a guest appearance someday, but the kid has a really busy schedule these days.’ On top of his career as a rock star, he’s also hard at work on several films, including ‘S. Darko,’ ‘Dread,’ ‘Hurt’ and ‘The Last Airbender.’ ‘It’s just an action-packed, epic film,’ he said of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Airbender.’ ‘I’m starting to do martial-arts training, which is going to be so much fun. It’s such a mythical world. We get to go to Asia, go film abroad.’ “

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Jackson Rathbone’s Concert Diary

Jackson Rathbone is so awesome. He did MTV, and his fans, an awesome favor by keeping a short video diary of one of the shows for his band, 100 Monkeys. There are more of his video diaries to come, so check back at MTV a little later.

Not content to simply talk to Jackson, we gave him a video camera to capture his first-person experience at one of his 100 Monkeys shows. Watch it below and check back tomorrow for more with the ‘Twilight’ star.

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MTV’s Interview with Jackson Rathbone

MTV posted a new interview Jackson Rathbone where they  talked about the script of New Moon, the new director, and, what I am REALLY looking forward to: the infamous papercut scene!

When we asked Rathbone about the controversies surrounding new director Chris Weitz replacing “Twilight” filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke, his reply was simple and honest, just like something you might hear from his character Jasper Hale. “Oh, that’s one of those things that’s kind of a whole political side of the acting thing, you know?” he shrugged. “I really don’t know much about [the change in directors]; I’m just an actor. They tell me where to stand and what to say.”

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You’ve Got Male: The Blood Brothers

The gorgeous guys of Twilight [aka Rob, Taylor, Cam, Kellan and Jackson] have been featured in this February’s issue of Teen Vogue.

Robert, Jackson, and Cam—oh, my! When it comes to good looks, the guys of Twilight are in a dead heat.

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Jackson Article on Electric Show


IT’S hard to believe, but Robert Pattinson isn’t the only dreamboat in Twilight. What makes this fast-rising 24-year-old actor even more of a dream is that he was born in Singapore and lived in Jakarta as a child. So close, yet so far – especially since he’s based in Los Angeles now, but calls Midland, Texas, home.

In Twilight, Rathbone plays Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen’s twitchy vampire soulmate who has the ability to control the emotions of people around him and is a latecomer to the Cullen family’s ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle. For his role, the colourblind 1.7m-tall heart-throb had to bleach his naturally curly brown hair blond and wear coloured contacts.

Rathbone has been acting professionally for a few years, appearing in TV shows like Beautiful People, The OC and Close To Home. Most recently, he played a hippie jailbird in the Rob Schneider comedy, Big Stan, and has the Donnie Darko sequel, S Darko, in the can. He’s also been in London shooting the Clive Barker horror film, Dread, and has been cast in M Night Shyamalan’s live-action adaptation of animation series The Last Airbender.

But for the next few months, he’ll be busy pursuing his musical career. Rathbone and his jazz/rock band 100 Monkeys are set to release its first EP and full-length album, and will have a regular gig at the LA bar 24K Lounge. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the guitarist to get a semi-regular jam session going with his musically inclined Twilight castmates. He told Teen Vogue magazine: ‘Nikki (Reed) and I started writing songs together, and Kristen (Stewart) is actually a pretty sick guitar player. Rob (Pattinson) and I even did a couple of local open mic nights.

Like Greene, Rathbone is signed up for the next two movie sequels, New Moon and Eclipse.

Source: The Electric

12-12 Movement

Hey guys! So the awesome staff over at Third Epiphany have an awesome idea of how to put Twilight back at the top in the box office! Now, we’ve all noticed the unfortunate rapid fall of the box office numbers since Twilight’s first week of release. However, we’d love to put out an opportunity for every Twilighter out there to make a statement.

What is that statement? Well, that Twilight rocks! Here’s what you need to do: Get to the movie theaters on December 12th, the original release date of the movie, and watch Twilight. All of you! If this works out and everyone really takes it to heart, maybe we can bring Twilight to the top of the box office again before it’s out of theaters… forever. Think about it. We can make a supreme movie comeback!

Grab all your friends and family, and get to the theaters on December 12th,
2008! Tell all your friends, and hop to it! Make your dedication to our
beloved saga known!

To check out the site, click HERE.

MTV Spoilers Aftershow

Awe Kellan is adorable.
And WOW! Ashley is sooo pretty!