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About.com Interviews

About.com has up two interviews. The first with Kellan and the second with Stephenie Meyer!


You still think of it as a hobby?

Kellan Lutz: “Yes, I love it and all this stuff, I’ve never done a movie where we have so much more stuff involved, like these press junkets and stuff. It’s fun, but I definitely feel the busy side of it lately just because the movie’s coming out. So we’ve been doing so many interviews and photo shoots, and I love photo shoots, I love, you know, just doing interviews and all that stuff, but it’s going to be nice to have a break once the movie comes out.”

twilightpic371Is it true that you didn’t want to commit to the film until they promised you there would be no fangs?

Stephenie Meyer: “Yes. It was an interesting thing because when we started out with this I actually sold the rights to a different company. I got a look at a script that, you know, objectively [was] probably a decent vampire movie that had nothing at all to do with Twilight. It was just you could have produced that movie and never given me any credit because it wasn’t anything to do with the books. And that was kind of a horrifying experience. Like, I had realized it could go wrong and that they could do it badly, but that they would do something that had nothing at all to do with the story, it was kind of shocking to me. And I know that’s because I’m really naïve. So when I went back in to this and I had learned and Summit said, ‘We really want to do this.’ And I was weary and I said, ‘You know, I’m just not sure.’ And they said, ‘What can we do for you?’ I said, ‘What if I give you a list of things that absolutely can’t be changed?’ And I’m not talking like I said, ‘Okay, you have to read…and it has to be exactly like the book.’ It was very fundamental outline things like, you know, the vampires have to have the basic rules of the vampire world I’ve created, which means no fangs, which means no coffins, which means they sparkle in the sunlight. The characters have to exist by their present names and in their present forms and you can’t kill anyone who doesn’t die in the book, and just basic things like that that were really just the foundation of the story.”

To read Kellan’s, click HERE. For Stephenie’s, HERE. :]

17 Questions for Kellan

15. What did you dream about last night?
I was watching “World’s Wildest Police Chases” and I dreamed that I designed this one gadget called the Cop Stopper. I just moved the cop cars out of the way. 

Check out the awesome questions Kellan answered! He’s so cute! I LOVE KELLAN LUTZ!!! =) Click HERE to read it.

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews: Kellan & Spunky

If any of you are still unsure about our movie Emmett, well, you really shouldn’t be! Kellan is an amazing, AMAZING actor! There are a few articles/interviews up with him. The first one is him talking about his opinion on the current Midnight Sun situation. And, personally, I agree one hundred percent with him!

 “Us actors doing ‘Twilight,’ we have our ins on all the extra stuff she hasn’t put out there yet,” Lutz said. “And it’s really cool seeing another side of it. Like, Bella doesn’t understand the point of view of a vampire. If you can’t die, you have the knowledge that you won’t have an end. You don’t need to accomplish that much. Because you’re going to live forever, you can do whatever. There’s no risk, and that’s not really living. And it’s cool to see Edward’s point of view.”

To read the rest of the interview-article, CLICK HERE!

The SECOND interview has both Spunk Ransom and Kellan! They talk about how, sadly, they won’t be using Robert’s version of Bella’s Lullaby and also, EXCITINGLY, the re-shooting of Twilight! So what exactly are the extra scenes about, boys?

In the novel, 17-year-old Bella learns of an old peace treaty that was made between a family of vampires and the Quileute Indian tribe, in which the vampires have agreed not to feed on humans (or convert any more vampires) in exchange for being allowed to live peacefully in Forks, Washington. Instead of just showing Bella listening as young Quileute Jacob tells her the story, Lutz said, “we are actually showing the scenes from back in the day … what actually went on.

“We reshot the ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ scene with a different piece of music,” Pattinson explained. “I heard my original one the other day, and I really liked it. I was kind of depressed afterwards, but I like the new one as well…”

Ooh, sorry Spunk! Maybe sometime we will be able to hear the original version of your lovely lullaby! To read the entire spunk-tastic article, CLICK HERE!

Kellan Lutz Interview on Hollywood 411

Kellan Lutz stopped by Hollywood 411 to talk about his roles on Generation Kill, Beverly Hills 90210, and Twilight. Isn’t Kellan an awesome Emmett? He’s all big and grizzly. Haha. Here it is, and it’s amazing:

See? Defiantly the best Emmett possible!

Twilighters.org Interview with Kellan Lutz (EMMETT!)

The amazing Twilighters over at twilighters.org have up an awesome interview with Kellan Lutz. It’s really, really good and we get a great inside peek of Emmett. Kellan is Emmett to a T. (He really acts like him… with his big teddy bear, big brother demeanor!)

Kellan: You know what was really funny, when we were shooting in LA actually, the craziest thing was like ‘Hey!” oh wait, what did they say…um, “hey if you bite my neck I’ll give you my baby!” And the mom had her baby there and she was like ‘take my baby! Take my baby! I want a vampire baby! Bite her neck!” It was just the cutest thing. We were all laughing and everyone was really cool. So that was probably the most fun I had with the fans and stuff.

He has some really good stories in his interview, too. Plus, he knows the ending of Breaking Dawn! AH! LUCKY! I guess one of the perks of being part of the Cullen family. Lucky. Defiantly worth reading! To read more of it, CLICK HERE!