Just a Reminder

spidermonkeyJust wanted to remind you all that we ARE still looking for some new staff members! So, if you are interested you should totally apply! To see more info, click HERE!
PS: Don’t you just love the picture? Lolz.


New Scene: Vamptastic Baseball

Here is a little snippet of the Baseball scene. It’s not the actual game, just the confrontation with the Nomads. It’s awesome! Oh, and SPOILERS!

Twilight Magazine Scans

Here are a few scans of Twilight in the magazines. First up is Entertainment Weekly with the Entertainer of the year – Stephenie and Rob! Also, the 17Magazine scan of the boys of Twilight (gorgeous!). Then it is Ashley Greene photos.

ew-rob1  ew-smeyer3


normal_003 0021

0012 002 003 0042
0052 001 0061

Twilight Cosmo Girl Outtakes

Here is a clip of the behind the scenes of the Cosmo Girl photoshoot with Kellan, Rob, and Taylor. Ahhhmahhhzing! And beautiful!

Vanity Fair Photoshoot Outtakes

Holy crow! These are the most amazing photoshoot outtakes that have ever graced the internet! No joke! These are absolutely mind blowing. Bravo, Vanity Fair. Bravo!



Kellan Lutz Interview

This morning on KTLA 5, Sam Rubin interviewed Kellan Lutz. During the interview, he talks about Twilight and his new TV show 90210.

Vanity Fair Twilight Shoot

I stumbeled across another video of the Twilight Vanity Fair photoshoot. This one is a lot longer than the other one, so I would give it a minute or two to load. :]