MTV Interview: Kristen and Joan Jett”

Along with the slues of videos of Kristen from Sundance we have already seen, MTV has up another one, accompanied by a great interview. As most of us know, Kristen will be portraying Joan Jett in the up-coming, The Runaways.

“I’m, like, vibrating,” grinned Stewart when we asked about “The Runaways,” a 1970’s-era flick about the influential all-girl rock band fronted by Jett and Lita Ford. “I’m just so excited about that movie.”

“I’m really, exceedingly, more excited than normal,” she laughed.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the flick will tell the story of the teenage band who were brought together and thrown into leather and lace, performing such sneer-filled songs as “Cherry Bomb.” Although they barely lasted four years and only put out a handful of albums, the band was able to overcome their sleazy “jailbait” gimmick to become an influential punk band that would eventually help birth such successors as The Breeders, L7 and The Donnas.

To read the entire post, and see the video, click HERE!


MTV Spoilers Aftershow

Awe Kellan is adorable.
And WOW! Ashley is sooo pretty!

MTV: More about Movie Bloopers

MTV has up a great article about the cast and their filming experience. I really, truly love this cast guys! They are adorable! And so well together!! They’re all so funny!

Q: Any bloopers you can tell us about?
Reed: Ashley hit a cameraman with a baseball.
Ashley Greene: [Laughs.] I did.
Reed: I had to fly on the cables while I was running, and it wasn’t until I was up in the air that I realized that my arms and legs aren’t coordinated. Like, I don’t know which arm goes with which leg when I’m in the air.

Hahaa. I really hope they have a giant bloopers reel! That would be sooooo hilarious! I would love to see Rob being super-bad at baseball and Ashley hitting the camera. Haha. To read the entire awesome MTV article, just click right HERE. :]

Cam talks wardrobe with Larry

Larry Carroll over at MTV has up a great article discussing Cam’s wardrobe – or lack there of. Haha. It’s a really awesome article, and I would check it out if I were you!

MTV: Which leads to our next question: You have a knack for getting shirtless in nearly every movie you do — is that your doing?
Gigandet: No! [Laughs.] It’s definitely the other way around. In the movies “Never Back Down” and “Twilight” it happened — in “Twilight,” I’m practically naked throughout the entire movie — and for “Never Back Down” they asked me, and I prepared accordingly. But “Twilight” was just a decision that Catherine made, and I just said, “Oh, sh–, I should start working out.” [Laughs.] I never like to [take my shirt off], because I’m just as insecure as everyone else in the world. But you’ve just gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

*Double takes* Wait… “I’m practically naked throughout the entire movie…” Really? Twilight just got a whole lot hotter!! And Cam, you have NOTHING to be insecure about. Trust us, we’re Twilighters! Read the rest HERE.

Twilight Running Time

The running time of the movie is official! MTV has a great article about it! Read it HERE.

With this news from Summit Entertainment, however, fans can find solace in knowing that the love story of Edward and Bella will be allowed a good two hours to develop. While we’re still not talking P.T. Anderson or Martin Scorsese length, 120 minutes is seen by most Hollywood insiders as long enough to tell a good story, but not so unwieldy that fewer showings need to be scheduled each day (thereby losing opening weekend revenue).

Yay! 2 hours of Twilight. I’m a happy camper. =]

Twilight TUESDAY: August 26th

Well, if yesterday’s news and videos weren’t enough, we now have our favorite day of the week: TWILIGHT TUESDAY. Twilight Tuesday this week gave us something to do September 7th. 

For months now, “Twilight” Tuesdays have been bringing you your weekly fix of news about Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series and Catherine Hardwicke’s movie adaptation. This week, we’re also bringing news about our own little venture, the MTV Video Music Awards, where stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be presenting an award.

YAY! Twilight will be at the MTV VMAs!! Yippe. Well, that’s defiantly what I will be watching that night. They also gave us an interview with our favorite werewolf boy, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)! He talks about the sequels to Twilight!

“Twilight” fans know the movie is going to be huge. But Hollywood big-shots aren’t usually motivated by the same squealing, giddy impulses as the rest of us, and we’re going to have to wait until the box-office numbers come in before real talk on a “New Moon” movie begins.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks MTV!


Twilight Monday: August 25th

After all these back-to-school blues, Twilight surely brightened my day! This Twilight.. Monday? (August 25th, fyi) we found out that the cast went back to film another scene for the movie/trailer/extra footage! EEK!!! So, pretty much, the message they wanted to get across: NEW TWILIGHT SCENES ARE IN THE WORKS!!


Often, movies have to reshoot scenes when the powers that be are less than satisfied with the original footage, but Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen, put a positive spin on the work they’ll be doing. “They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up,” he said. “A little salt and pepper.”

Pahahahahaha. I love Peter! He is a great Dr. Cullen!! Emmett and Jacob also talk about the additional scene in the article. To read it, CLICK HERE!