Twilight Heroes

I forgot to post this… Oops. I was gonna post this like waaaayyyy earlier today. But I forgot. Sorry guys! Well, here it is! Summit email me saying that there will exclusive Twilight clips Monday during Heroes! Awesome! I can’t wait!!



There is a new AMAZING Twilight Spot on Yahoo. It’s sooo great. A bit familiar, but trust me – WAY DIFFERENT! There is now a clip from the baseball scene! And it does not look cheesy how they sped up the running. It looks amazing. Pure perfection! :]

Can’t wait guys! Can’t wait!! ONLY 13 DAYS LEFT GUYS!!!! AHHHHH!!! *Jumps with excitement*
*Falls out of chair* (ouch)
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Webcast Wednesday #4

Happy Webcast Wednesday, everyone!!!

Twilight TV Spotlight #7

The 7th TV spotlight is out! And it’s aweeesssoomme!!! Charlie is so perfect! He is great for Bella’s dad! Now, the begining looks a little familiar, but it’s different. Trust me!

AHH! Hahaha, “Alright, *click of gun* bring him in”
Great. Excellent. Superb.

Seeing all of these just makes me like a bajillion times more excited for the movie. ONLY 16 DAYS LEFT GUYS!!!! AHHHHH!!! *Jumps with excitement* Make sure to buy your tickets before it gets sold out! Click on the banner to the left!!

“Because She Loves Me”

Here is the behind the scenes they showed in Rome! Unfortunately they deleted the entire behind the scenes youtube video, but they do have this short piece of “BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME”


Ok, so you all should appreiciate this!!! I had to look forever for this clip… Bit here it is! THE SCENE THEY SHOWED AT THE ROME FILM FESTIVAL!!!! It is soooooo frikkin cool!! SO COOL!!! AHHH! No joke, no joke! The lullaby is in there and everything! AH! WATCH IT!

Ahahaha. Rosalie is an angry pants!
Haha. They are all cooking dinner. That is soooo adorable. EEP!

Sorry. Im done. =] 

SMeyer Update

Seth updated Stephenie’s site with some soundtrack news:

More Movie Soundtrack News (forwarded to me from the record company):

“It has recently been announced that the CD booklet inside the physical CD will fold out into Twilight posters! There are 4 different posters and they are randomly mixed throughout the stores, so good luck on getting your favorite! Also, the album is now available to pre-order on iTunes—the iTunes version has 3 bonus songs including Rob Pattinson’s ‘Let Me Sign’, plus 2 orchestral pieces from the movie, La Traviata and Clair de Lune. Click here to pre-order from iTunes now!”

If you just can’t get enough of the soundtrack, head over to the movie page to watch a video of Linkin Park performing their Twilight soundtrack song.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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