Merchandise and Final News

This is Spidurmunkey’s final curtain call. We are officially notifiying all of our loyal readers and subscribers that we will be permentantly offline. After our site was hacked and crashed last year, we have decided that it is time to close down our blog. Of course there are still dozens (upon dozens, and dozens, and dozens) of other fansites you can get your latest Twilight news from.

Even though our blog may be closed, we still have our online site open. Our Cafepress store has tons of Twilight-related merchandise. Shirts, sweat pants, jackets, bags, hats, bottles, clocks, coasters… Anything you can possibly think of! You should take a look to see if there are any designs you would be proud to wear to show off your fan-girlly Twilight passion. We have Breaking Dawn designs, Volturri designs, and so much more! If you are interested, please go to our cafepress site here!

Stupid LambSick, Masochistic LionWolf GirlDon't Diss The TruckIsle EsmeSpace HeaterFull of SecretsIn-Tents!

Again, thank you to all of our loyal readers and fans who have stuck with us through the years. We truly could not have done any of this without. Good luck, everyone, and enjoy the final two films of the series!

– Erica xx


12 Days of Christmas (DAY #12)

Renesmee’s violent kicking, Alice’s fortune telling, LOOK! Jacob’s imprinting, Emily’s brilliant cooking, Lots of new borns dying, Really fast cars driving, Weird volturi leaving, Edward’s mothers ring, anti-wolf repellent, Cliff diving lessons, Two bite marks, and Edward virtue all for me :]

merry christmas everyone!

Vote for Me?

Hey guys, as you may or may not know, Spidurmunkey has recently become affiliates with Twilight Sensation. Twilight Sensation is kind of like Twilight Topsites, but it lists the sites in groupings. It’s a really great site, you should check them out and vote for them on Twilight Topsites! But, the reason for this post is to beg mercilessly for all you vamptastic Spidurmunkey fans to vote for me! I have only gotten like three ratings, and we only have 2 1/2 stars out of 5. Which is great, but it would be even more great to have more! Am I greedy? Lol. Well, if you wouldn’t mind rating us there, we would love the feedback. You can even leave comments! If you wanna help, please CLICK HERE!

And also a HUGE thanks!!! Thanks to all of your support, SPIDURMUNKEY is currently #17 on Twilight Topsites! WOOO!!!! But, as always, there is plenty of room for improvement. So, if you are in the voting mood, please vote for us over there! But really guys, thanks for all of your wonderful support! We could never have made it to where we are today with out you guys! So, I guess the main thing I’m trying to say is:

t h a n k s  f o r  y o u r
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 & vote? =]

Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #21

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (August 1, 2008) is:

Bella: “Should I be afraid?”
Edward: “Terrified.”

AHHHH! Ok, so here is our LAST Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day before we get our hands on the book and finally figure out what these actually mean! TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Ok, sorry. Now on to the quote. Hmm. Should Bella be afraid? I guess so. If Edward says yes, then it must be true. Ok, so what could she be afraid of. I’ve narrowed it down to 4. The first: This is when he is biting Bella. She asks sarcastically if she should be afraid, and he is teasingly saying “Terrified.” EEK! Ahh, I don’t think anyone would be terrified if Edward was about to bite them. But hey, they could easily be teasing each other. And then, of course, right after Edward says that, she blushes and her pulse speeds up to a point that makes her dizzy. Hm. Very plausible. The second: something serious about the war. She over hears them talking and asks whats up and whether or not she should be afraid, kinda joking. But he turns around all serious and says “Terrified” which is followed, still, by Bella’s pulse speeding up and feeling extremely frightened. And the third (my favorite): Emmett. When she was changed into a vamp, we all know she will have the strength of a new born. So, of course, loving her new found power, she challenges Emmett to an arm wrestling competition. He accepts and is all cocky thinking he can take her down cuz she’s still Bella. But guess what… he fails. Bella wins. And he gets all upset and keeps rechallenging her but she keeps winning. Eventually, he gets fed up and storms away mumbling something about a rematch. Bella looks over at Edward and asks if she should be afraid. Edward hears Emmett’s thoughts and, obviously, sarcastically responds “Terrified.” The fourth, and final, theory is a simple one. Three words: Wedding by Alice. Hahaha.  

[obviously you all know this… but…]

breaking dawn release is TODAY!!!

ome ome ome ome ome!!!!! AHHHH! Breaking Dawn today!!! FINALLY! I’m going to a local Midnight release party at a Barnes N Nobel! YEAH! AHH! Yeah, me and my friend are going and I’ll get some footage! We’re not dressing up like a character in the book (it’s kinda hard to dress up like Bella because she dresses like a normal person) but we are gonna be sporting our Black and Red clothing! I’ll try to get some video and I’ll post it up either on monday or tuesday. HAVE FUN AT YOUR BREAKING DAWN MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY!! (I know I wilL!!) :]

*UPDATE: I will be broadcasting live at the BD Release party tonight. I won’t be up all night, but I will ocassionally call and give updates. Wanna listen live? Click Here!!!!

Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #20

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 31, 2008) is:

Jacob: “I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!”

(Ok, sorry Team Jacob in advanced.) Jacob is a whiney baby. Didn’t we see this in Eclipse? Doesn’t this sound familiar? Like when he said he was going to kill himself just so Bella would kiss him? Ugh. I like Jacob and all (just not for Bella) but this kinda stuff he does really urks me. Ok, so what could this quote be about? I really hope it’s not about Bella, but it seems to be like that, doesn’t it? He is gonna be happy in the end… we all know it. We love him a little too much for him to be miserable. He’s gonna imprint and then he’ll forget all about Bella. Well, not all about her. But he’d be really happy. And isn’t that what we all want for Jake?

Jacob, I am sorry. I apologize. I thought you said that you were going to kill yourself (“I’ll kill myself. I’ll do it now.”). Not kill them (whoever them is) yourself. I am sooo sorry. So, this means a different theory. So he said “kill you myself.” Hmm… something to do with the Vampire/Werewolf/Volturri war to come? Very possible. Very, very possible. Maybe he is angry at Edward because he is gonna bite Bella. Hm. Or maybe he gets upset at one of the Vamps from Denali. Who knows? Well, I like this quote much more than what I thought it said. Again, Jacob. I am deeply sorry. I should have known that you wouldn’t stoop down to that immature level that you did in Eclipse. Again, sorry Jake. I LOVE YOU WOLF BOY! (Even though I’m with the vampires, of course.)

Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #19

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 30, 2008) is:

Carlisle: “I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.”

YEAH NEW QUOTE! And it’s from Carlisle! Ok, so I think that this quote is about Bella being bitten. Here is my theory. Somehow, possibly during the big vampire / werewolf / Volturri war, Bella gets hurt. (or somehow she gets sick – not necessarily from the war, just somehow.) Edward freaks – obviously – but then realizes that he can save her by biting her. Carlisle doesn’t think that biting her will save her though. Maybe her injury is so horrible it is beyond repair (after all she still has to live a few days while the transformation is occuring). So, to wrap it up, Carlisle has seen their venom save people’s lives but there is some condition (that possibly Bella has) that even their venom can not cure.

Stop Spoilers!

Spoilers can ruin a book! I am announcing that I am turning off all comments. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but you can blame the spoilers. Due to the disappointing news that a books store has sold the books early, I am closing them off as of right now. This is serious now, and I would hate for Breaking Dawn to be ruined for ANY of the Twilighters. If you do not want to be spoiled, steer clear of sites where comments have not been disabled. People can spoil in comments. Also, be cautious of Forums. Sometimes Spoilers are posted in titles. And now, we have to be EXTREMELY careful of YouTube. According to HisGoldenEyes blogger Bailey, there are spoilers in videos! She had (accidently) seen a Breaking Dawn spoiler from the leaked Epilogue at the end of a YouTube video of Twilight Tuesday. Now we all must watch YouTube videos with extreme caution. To be extra safe, don’t watch videos from channels you haven’t watched on before. Only watch videos from channels you know. BE CAREFUL!

Remember what Stephenie Meyer said: “Breaking Dawn was meant to be experienced in a certain way, and I would hate for someone to get that experience ruined by seeing something online they didn’t want to see.”

Don’t ruin  the book for yourselves! Ignorance is bliss, and it would suck to ruin the last book of the series. Is this really how you would like to end the Twilight saga? There are only 3 days left! Don’t repost any spoilers if you have already read BD; don’t ruin it for others. **If, by any chance, you do come across a spoiler, make sure to report it here: bdcopyrightviolation@hbgusa.com

Spidurmunkey is going to continue to be 100% spoiler free. (I won’t be able to start BD until Sunday, so there will be no spoilers up, promise!) Don’t worry, there will be NO spoilers up here. So, please be kind and don’t spoil for others who want to wait. (Edward would want you to!)

[PS: Sorry this was such a serious post. But, needed to be said!]