Teen Magazine Outtakes

Thanks to LionLambLove, we have some amazing outtakes from a photoshoot with Teen Magazine.


Trailer for Chain Letter with Nikki Reed

Nikki’s newest movie, ‘Chain Letter‘, put out their first trailer this week. The horror movie tells the history of a group of people that get a chain letter, but when they choose to ignore it, the consequences turn deadly. It actually looks pretty good! And, of course, Nikki looks amazing in it! Can’t wait to see it! No, slight warning, some of the pictures in the trailer are ‘disturbing to younger viewers.’ It is a horror movie, so just be warned its a little tiny bit graphic in the trailer. But AMAZING!

12-12 Movement

Hey guys! So the awesome staff over at Third Epiphany have an awesome idea of how to put Twilight back at the top in the box office! Now, we’ve all noticed the unfortunate rapid fall of the box office numbers since Twilight’s first week of release. However, we’d love to put out an opportunity for every Twilighter out there to make a statement.

What is that statement? Well, that Twilight rocks! Here’s what you need to do: Get to the movie theaters on December 12th, the original release date of the movie, and watch Twilight. All of you! If this works out and everyone really takes it to heart, maybe we can bring Twilight to the top of the box office again before it’s out of theaters… forever. Think about it. We can make a supreme movie comeback!

Grab all your friends and family, and get to the theaters on December 12th,
2008! Tell all your friends, and hop to it! Make your dedication to our
beloved saga known!

To check out the site, click HERE.

Twilight Cast on The Circut

Twilight Cast on ETalk

Twilight cast on Etalk: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and Rachelle Lefevre. This is a super hilarious interview! Sorry for bad quality.

Nikki on Connan

Awe, I love her!

Just a Reminder

spidermonkeyJust wanted to remind you all that we ARE still looking for some new staff members! So, if you are interested you should totally apply! To see more info, click HERE!
PS: Don’t you just love the picture? Lolz.