Rob as Salvador Dali

People magazine has a great article
about Rob’s new role in Little Ashes as Salvador Dali. xD

Twilight star Robert Pattinson can’t always play a vampire heartthrob. 
In his next movie, Little Ashes, set in 1922 and described by Variety as an “arty Bohemian romp,” the London-born actor, 22, plays Spanish surrealist painter (1904-1989) Salvador Dalí as a young man – in love with the poet Federico GarcÍa Lorca, played by Javier Beltran. 
The two meet at university, with Lorca attracted to what the movie’s production notes call Dalí’s “bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism.” Hey, beats a bite in the neck. 
Little Ashes opens in late March. 

Thanks to Cold Twilight for the tip! And, Rob, loving the stache! Not quite as awesome as Charlie, but it’s getting there. Lol. Everytime I see him with the handelbar-mustache, I giggle a little. But a good giggle Rob! A good one! xD Read the article HERE!


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Dakota IS Being Considered for Jane

It’s now confirmed that Dakota Fanning IS, in fact, being considered by Summit and Chris Weitz for the role of Jane in New Moon. There are several articles about this confirmation in which Dakota talks about being in the negotiations about the role. SHE HAS NOT BEEN CAST YET! She is just being considered. But who knows, she could be cast very soon. :] (Just click on the title of each quote to see the full article ex: Access Hollywood)


During our exclusive interview I asked Dakota about the rumors that she would be playing the vampire Jane in the upcoming sequel to Twilight, New Moon. She confirmed that she is in talks for the role and then we should have an official announcement soon. She expressed her fandom for all things Twilight and that she would love to be in the film.

Access Hollywood

“I think it’s too soon to tell if I’ll for sure be doing it, but it’s so great,” she told Access Hollywood on Saturday at the junket for her latest film, “Push.” “I’m a really big fan of that series and the first film and all the actors in it, so it would be wonderful.”

E! Online’s Marc Malkin reported on Thursday that Dakota was currently negotiating for the role of Jane, a member of the deadly Volturi vampires from Italy, where much of “New Moon” takes place.

Following Malkin’s report, a rep for Summit Entertainment confirmed to Access there had been talks with the actress. 

“We are considering all actors that have the unique requirements for the look of Jane — Dakota being one of them,” a rep for Summit told Access.

The Insider

Asked by “The Insider” whether the rumors were true that she’d signed on for the ‘Twilight’ sequel ‘New Moon,’ Dakota tells us: “I really hope that works out. It would be interesting, really fun to be a part of. I’m a huge fan of all those actors. So, it’s too soon to tell right now, but I really hope that it does happen.”

Dakota, 14, tells us that although contracts haven’t been signed yet, she does hope to join the cast of ‘New Moon,’ possibly as the sadistic bloodsucker Jane.

“It would be so cool to play a vampire,” she gushes.

Calgary Harold

Sweet-faced Dakota Fanning may soon be adding a juicy role to her repertoire. according to e! news, the 14-year-old actress has been offered the part of Jane in the twilight sequel, New Moon. “There were no auditions,” says a source. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. they’ve been going back and forth.”

Slash Film

Summit Entertainment has to be blazing full speed ahead to get New Moonout by the end of the year, as is their current goal. To that end, we’ve now heard from E! Online that 14-year old Dakota Fanning has been offered the role of Jane in the Twilight sequel. According to a source familiar with the situation, “There were no auditions. They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

I think Dakota would be a pretty awesome Jane. But, what do you think? Tell us!

Robert Pattinson Biography

According to Fangoriaonline.com, Plexus will release a Robert Pattinson Biography called “The Robert Pattinson Album”! Sounds exciting!

The Robert Pattinson Album

British publisher Plexus will release THE ROBERT PATTINSON ALBUM March 1. The biography of the teen vampire flick’s hottest star is being rushed out just in time for the DVD release. In news sure to excite tween girls (and their mothers) everywhere, THE ROBERT PATTINSON ALBUM will contain 75 full-color photographs of the actor/musician ranging from candid shots to production stills to rarely seen glimpses.

The text portion (written by Paul Stenning) will go into detail on his childhood, first theater and acting opportunities, early television roles and the making of TWILIGHT. Pattinson’s thoughts on TWILIGHT’s production, his music career and plans for the future while dealing with his newfound fame will also be heavily explored. You can find out more about THE ROBERT PATTINSON ALBUM (which thankfully does not have a silly subtitle like many of the other new books—ETERNALLY YOURS, FATED FOR FAME, TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES, etc.—about the young star) at Plexus’ official site linked above and pre-order the book at Amazon here.

And guess what? It’s only $11 on Amazon. That’s not too bad for a wonderful biography on Rob.

Chris Weitz on New Moon

USA Today has an article up called “Move over, movie vampires: Werewolf Pack is Back!” In it, it talks about a bunch of movies werewolves star in such as Wolverine, Underworld, and of course, the upcoming New Moon.

New Moon, due Nov. 20 and based on the second volume of the Twilight saga, expands upon a supernatural love triangle. While vampire Edward (Rob Pattinson) runs away to Italy to keep his mortal teen queen Bella (Kristen Stewart) out of danger from others of his kind, she makes time with the less-complicated Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as he finally reveals his hairier, scarier side.

Director Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) picks up where Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke left off on the production that starts shooting March 23. One of his first tasks on the sequel was deciding to keep Lautner, whose gangly Native American high-schooler in the first film transforms into a hulking giant over the course of the book series as he fulfills his tribe’s destiny.

“Taylor is a formidable guy, kind of a great tool in the toolbox,” Weitz says of the nearly 17-year-old actor who has been working out daily and has packed on 29 pounds, most of it muscle. “In the first movie, we did not see or recognize how dangerous a character he could be.”

As for Taylor himself, “he can kill me with his left pinky. But he is too nice to do that. There is something compelling and sexy about him. He captures the spirit of Jacob.”

Grounded in ‘real world’

The backdrop of the Twilight books might be a gothic fantasy, but the filmmaker sees his characters as expressions of emotional attitudes shared by young people. “One of the great things of Stephenie Meyer’s novels is that she keeps them very grounded in the real world,” Weitz says.

“The vampires are about distance and reserve,” he says about the contrast between his male leads. “Edward represses his desire to do harm. Jacob is very warm and emotional, but also feels the heat of anger. When he transforms, it’s like losing your temper — sudden, explosive and lightning-quick.”

Where Bella is concerned, he adds, “Edward represents the unattainable perfection of first love. Jacob is friendship.”

I think I really like this Chris Weitz guy. He will be an excellent director for New Moon! To read the rest of the articles, click HERE.

Rob Does NOT Have a Facebook

So this post is actually pretty serious. It’s about INTERNET FRAUDS. Recently, there have been buckets and buckets of new Robert Pattinson facebook page. But, don’t get too excited. Because NONE of them are real. In fact, Rob doesn’t even have a facebook!! If you thought you could get in touch with Rob (or have been fooled by a Rob facebook page), then you have to read the article on EOnline.com.

Robert Pattinson
A Facebook page owned by a “Rob T Pattz” who hits on every chick who passes through, and that supposedly represents one of the most hotly desired actors on earth? And you thought it might be fake? Gee, what gave it away? As you’ve already deduced, I can guarantee, 200 percent, that the page is fake. In fact, I can guarantee that every single Rob Pattinson profile is also a fake.How? Well……because I called Pattinson’s manager today, and the person who picked up the phone told me that the actor—who, to be fair, possesses many other impressive communication tools, including hair that can pick up radio waves from Neptune—is not on Facebook. At all. 

Keep this in mind when you think you are talking to the cast. You HAVE to be careful while online. The people you talk to could just be an internet troll [someone with a lot of free time]. But, they could be someone dangerous. So, don’t trust anything you don’t know is fact. Not all posers are harmless, so please don’t try to contact celebrities through facebook or myspace! Be careful everyone! You wanna be around to see New Moon! :] Source.

New Moon Casting Rumors

E! News has up an article about a rumor floating around involving the awesome character Jane. Is Dakota up for the role?

It’s possible. I can exclusively report that the 14-year-old child star, she turns 15 on Feb. 23 is in talks to play Jane opposite Robert Pattinson & Co. in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to box office megahit Twilight.

Personally, I think she would make a great Jane. But what do you think? Read the entire article HERE.