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This is Spidurmunkey’s final curtain call. We are officially notifiying all of our loyal readers and subscribers that we will be permentantly offline. After our site was hacked and crashed last year, we have decided that it is time to close down our blog. Of course there are still dozens (upon dozens, and dozens, and dozens) of other fansites you can get your latest Twilight news from.

Even though our blog may be closed, we still have our online site open. Our Cafepress store has tons of Twilight-related merchandise. Shirts, sweat pants, jackets, bags, hats, bottles, clocks, coasters… Anything you can possibly think of! You should take a look to see if there are any designs you would be proud to wear to show off your fan-girlly Twilight passion. We have Breaking Dawn designs, Volturri designs, and so much more! If you are interested, please go to our cafepress site here!

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Again, thank you to all of our loyal readers and fans who have stuck with us through the years. We truly could not have done any of this without. Good luck, everyone, and enjoy the final two films of the series!

– Erica xx

CafePress Update :]

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that our online store has TONS of new designs! There are New Alice ones, Edward ones, Bella, Carlisle, Nomads… Everything! Head on over and buy something to help support the site!

And those are just a few! If you have any request, or suggestions, for a new design, holla at us in the comments! Check out our store by clicking HERE!

Taylor Wants A GirlFriend

Gossip Teen recently interviewed Taylor Lautner and he talked about something that everyone has been wondering: DOES HE WANT A GIRLFRIEND?

Super cute and how Taylor Lautner, who has been way too busy working out to play the teenage werewolf in Twilight sequel, “New Moon”, confessed he is single and looking for the perfect girlfriend.

Taylor says: “I look for someone honest, loyal and someone who can be a dork. I don’t want anybody too uptight and trying to impress me. If they’re just a dork and really outgoing and fun, then that works for me.”

Any dorks out there want to apply??

Taylor!! IM A DORK!!! Although, I am sure anyone who isn’t a dork will surely turn if given the chance to be with Taylor! Source.

Twilight Actors “Break Out Stars”

According to the Daily Beast, Taylor Lautner and Cam Gigandet are the Breakout Stars of 2009! See? It’s not all about Rob and Kristen! 

Taylor Lautner:
After originating the role of Jacob Black in the original crazy successful teen-vampires-stare-and-brood Twilight, there was talk Taylor Lautner wouldn’t be cast in the sequel. Fortunately, the director was convinced and Lautner is bulking up to play the older role in the follow-up New Moon, which will be rushed into theaters this November. Robert Pattinson, watch your back. Teen girls, get your screaming pipes ready.

Cam Gigadent:
Some teen-TV fans may remember Cam as the guest character on The O.C. responsible for killing off Mischa Barton, but he’s going to be known for much more than Marissa-cide after this year. Cam has a whopping seven movies in production for 2009—and those are just the ones that have been officially announced. After his breakout role as a pale vampire in last fall’s Twilight, Cam will appear in Pandorum (a thriller about a spaceship with Dennis Quaid), Five Star Day (a coming of age story with Jena Malone), and Kid Cannabis (the true story of a 19-year-old millionaire pot dealer), among others.

Check out the rest of the list HERE.

Chris Weitz on New Moon

USA Today has an article up called “Move over, movie vampires: Werewolf Pack is Back!” In it, it talks about a bunch of movies werewolves star in such as Wolverine, Underworld, and of course, the upcoming New Moon.

New Moon, due Nov. 20 and based on the second volume of the Twilight saga, expands upon a supernatural love triangle. While vampire Edward (Rob Pattinson) runs away to Italy to keep his mortal teen queen Bella (Kristen Stewart) out of danger from others of his kind, she makes time with the less-complicated Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as he finally reveals his hairier, scarier side.

Director Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) picks up where Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke left off on the production that starts shooting March 23. One of his first tasks on the sequel was deciding to keep Lautner, whose gangly Native American high-schooler in the first film transforms into a hulking giant over the course of the book series as he fulfills his tribe’s destiny.

“Taylor is a formidable guy, kind of a great tool in the toolbox,” Weitz says of the nearly 17-year-old actor who has been working out daily and has packed on 29 pounds, most of it muscle. “In the first movie, we did not see or recognize how dangerous a character he could be.”

As for Taylor himself, “he can kill me with his left pinky. But he is too nice to do that. There is something compelling and sexy about him. He captures the spirit of Jacob.”

Grounded in ‘real world’

The backdrop of the Twilight books might be a gothic fantasy, but the filmmaker sees his characters as expressions of emotional attitudes shared by young people. “One of the great things of Stephenie Meyer’s novels is that she keeps them very grounded in the real world,” Weitz says.

“The vampires are about distance and reserve,” he says about the contrast between his male leads. “Edward represses his desire to do harm. Jacob is very warm and emotional, but also feels the heat of anger. When he transforms, it’s like losing your temper — sudden, explosive and lightning-quick.”

Where Bella is concerned, he adds, “Edward represents the unattainable perfection of first love. Jacob is friendship.”

I think I really like this Chris Weitz guy. He will be an excellent director for New Moon! To read the rest of the articles, click HERE.

New VMan Pictures

We’ve stumbled upon an excellent email during the daily dose of Twilight and found these amazing photos from the VMan Photoshoot. Tell us what you think!


Edi’s New Moon Love Interest

MTV Canada recently interviewed Edi Gathegi. They talk about Laurent’s New Moon love interest and they discuss Taylor Lautner – his gym buddy!

 Of the soon-to-be-cast role, Gathegi said Irina should be “extremely vulnerable, as I think that’s what leads her to make the choices that she makes. She should also be hard-headed. Vulnerable and hard-headed. But I think those are things that a good actress can do, so type-wise, I don’t even know. I don’t even think people saw me as Laurent for a while. So just let the best actress win, I say.”
Speaking about his castmates, with whom he’ll soon be reuniting, Gathegi said, “It’s a ‘Twilight’ family. We were together for press junkets and tours, and this has been eight months together, ever since we shot in March. We’ve just been with each other constantly. And then we’re going to go into the next one, and then they’re going to do [parts] three and four, God willing. These are, like, lifelong friends at this point.”
Just moments before the interview, Gathegi’s phone went off. When the actor started laughing and showed us the caller ID, we saw that it was the one-and-only Taylor Lautner on the other end. “Taylor and I are going to his parents’ place for dinner tonight — and then go to the gym,” he said, adding that the duo were getting together to celebrate Lautner’s recent re-signing as Jacob Black. “We’re going to celebrate tonight. … You should see this kid! He’s jacked. He’s taking it seriously.
As for the moment, Gathegi said only half-jokingly, he’s just trying to get a script to read. “I’m going to fire someone, because Robert [Pattinson] read it. He’s like a supporting role in the freakin’ film!” the actor smiled, threatening to call Mr. Pattinson on his cell phone. “Nah, he’s in London now. I don’t want to make any long-distance calls. I’m cheap.”

ROB HAS READ THE SCRIPT! Ooh, I wonder what he thinks… And I really like Edi. Him and Taylor seem to be really great friends; it’s sweet. It’s nice to know the cast is such a tight knit group – like a family. As for Irina, any ideas of who you think should play her? They mentioned Sophia Myles (she was in Moonlight and Tristin + Isold). What do you think? 

Read complete article here