Empire Photoshoot Video

Here is the awesome video Empire took of the photoshoot. The entire cast is goregeous! And Rob and Kristen have the best smiles in the ENTIRE WORLD! Check it out:


More Pics from Empire

Here are some awesome pictures of the photoshoot the cast did for Empire:

New Cast Photo

Jaw has officially dropped. Check out this new cast photo. It’s pretty friggen awesome! If you look at it full size (just click the picture) you can see the detail… The cups are full of blood and there has been blood spilt on the table. Also, there is smoke from what looks like a candle that’s been blown out. Idk. I’m a freak but I love it to death! Here is the new photo of Robert, Kristen, Taylor, Cam and Rachelle from Empire magazine, found onĀ POPWRAP!