E!’s Behind the Scenes

New Twilight Behind the Scenes

Here is a new Twilight behind the scenes video. Parts of the movie is in Italian, but the interviews are in english. So, watch it, cuz it’s good! And its funny in Italian! Lol.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Collider has up 2 deliciously amazing behind the scenes videos! Now, if you don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT WATCH THEM! I can never resist, and I think they are absolutely amazing. “You and I are gonna talk!” Lol. Charlie, I love you!!!! Hahaha. This movie is gonna be sooooo amazing!

Oh wow. The car crash aftermath, gym class Bella, hospital-intense Edward, Alice in her super awesome-ness ass kicking mode!!! OMG! This movie is going to rock so hard!!! Amazing, just… Amazing! To go to the actual videos on Collider and see 2 other clips (which we’ve already seen like a billion times, so I’m not going to post them) click HERE.

Next up are some SPOILER FREE videos – all interviews with the cast, again from Collider. The first video is of Kristen, Rob, and Taylor. Check it out:

Taylor, this could be huge? It already is, lol. And you three have no worries about whether or not you can bring these characters to life. You did it marvelously! :] The second interview video is with Cam, Peter, and Stephenie Meyer herself!

Ahh. They are all so nervous about our love for the movie! WE DO LOVE IT! Pinky promise. Peter is such a great Carlisle. He seems very ‘in control’ and very fatherly. And Stephenie, thank you for our new fixation. Twilight has possessed our lives and honestly have changed our lives. To see the videos (individually) on Collider, click HERE. I am super siked for the movie to come out! Guys!!! Only 2 weeks left!!! AHHH!!! Do you have your ticket yet?! Make sure to buy your tickets before it gets sold out! Click on the banner to the left!! If you can’t see it, that would suck! So make sure to buy your tickets now! I DID ALREADY!!!! And if you buy your tickets from me, you can get a free download of a Twilight Remix song! Awesome. See you at the midnight showing :]

Vanity Fair Twilight Photoshoot

vanityfairtwilightcastVanity Fair has up some great pictures from their Twilight photoshoot! They also have some one-on-one interviews with the cast! Isn’t the picture above amazing? You can really see how close the cast is! Exactly like one big family. Absolutely adorable.


To read the great Q&A’s, click below:

Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Peter Facinelli
Edi Gathegi
Cam Gigandet
Ashley Greene
Taylor Lautner
Rachelle Lefevre
Kellan Lutz
Jackson Rathbone
Elizabeth Reaser
Nikki Reed

Vanity Fair Behind the Scenes

Here is a great Behind the Scenes video of Vanity Fair – TWILIGHT STYLE.

Twilight Behind the Scenes Prt 2

Borders has up part 2 of the Behind the Scene footage.

Make sure to buy your tickets before it gets sold out!
Click on the banner to the left!!

“Because She Loves Me”

Here is the behind the scenes they showed in Rome! Unfortunately they deleted the entire behind the scenes youtube video, but they do have this short piece of “BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME”